Utterly Voice icon image Utterly Voice

Utterly Voice provides a completely hands-free computer experience. It is a highly customizable voice dictation and computer control application. It has been designed with many powerful features for advanced computer users, but it is also easy to learn for beginners.

Using only your voice, you can type text, edit text, type alphanumeric sequences, manage windows, issue commands, scroll content, and control your mouse. You can use it for writing documents, emails, browsing the web, coding, and more. See the demos page for video demonstrations of these use cases.


computer icon Runs on Windows 8, 10, & 11. macOS support coming in 2025.
language icon Supports English. Additional language support coming in 2025.
recognizer icon Multiple speech recognizers and models to choose from.
help icon Excellent documentation.
mouse icon Several methods to control the mouse.
voice command icon Configurable voice commands to control your computer.
letters icon Easily type individual letters, alphanumerics, or code.
settings icon Powerful customization abilities using text configuration files.
thumbs icon Control over speech recognition bias to improve recognition of certain phrases or ignore others.
install icon Portable application that can be installed on your computer's drive or a removable USB flashdrive.