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Utterly Voice provides a hands-free computer experience for anyone who cannot easily use a keyboard or mouse. It is a customizable voice dictation and computer control application.

Using only your voice, you can type text, edit text, type alphanumeric sequences, issue commands, scroll content, and control your mouse. You can use it for writing documents, emails, browsing the web, coding, and more.

Speech Recognition

Utterly Voice relies on third party software for speech recognition. You can configure the application to use either Vosk (the default) or Google Cloud Speech-to-Text. Vosk is a free and open source recognizer that runs on your desktop computer. Google Cloud Speech-to-Text is an online recognizer that you must pay Google to use.

We plan to support other speech recognizers in the future, so you will have several options to choose from.

System Requirements

Utterly Voice only supports Windows currently. It is tested regularly on Windows 10, but it is expected to work on any version since Windows 8. We plan to support other operating systems in the future.

If you use the default Vosk speech recognizer, Utterly Voice will use about 5 GB of memory. Your machine should have at least 8 GB of memory, ideally 16 GB or more.

If you use an online recognizer, Utterly Voice uses a very small amount of memory, but you should have a fast internet connection.

Some Utterly Voice mouse control features only support a single monitor currently. We plan to support multiple monitors in the future.

Language Support

Utterly Voice only supports English currently. We plan to support other languages in the future.


Utterly Voice can be used as a portable application, because it does not require an installer, and it does not make any changes to your system settings. This means that you can optionally run the Utterly Voice application with your custom settings from a USB flash drive. You can use your portable drive to run Utterly Voice on any supported computer system.


Utterly Voice is highly customizable. Text configuration files define all commands that control typing, scrolling, mouse movements, and mouse clicking. You can easily edit these commands or create new ones.