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Customization Overview

Utterly Voice is highly customizable. All settings are saved in text YAML files, which you edit directly. If you are not already familiar with YAML, be sure to read the YAML documentation before editing any settings files.

Apply Settings Changes

The settings updated using the setup window are the only settings that can be changed and applied while the application is running. For all other settings, you must save the files after making changes, then restart Utterly Voice to apply the settings.

General Settings

With general settings, you can update the license key, microphone settings, recognizer settings, and define special words. For more information, see the "General Settings" section in the Settings Files document.

Number Settings

With number settings, you can customize how words are interpreted as numbers. For more information, see the Numbers document.

Mode Settings

You can edit any of the existing commands or define your own commands in the mode settings files. Each mode defines many related commands, and each mode is defined in its own file. If you want to create your own mode, just create a new mode file in the same directory as the existing mode files. For more information, see the "Mode Settings" section in the Settings Files document.

Upgrading Utterly Voice to a new version

When you upgrade your version of Utterly Voice, you will most likely want to keep your customizations. When installing a new version of the application, your old application version and settings are not deleted or changed. You can start up the new version with all default settings, then reapply your customizations to the new settings files. For custom mode files that you created, you just need to copy those files from your old directory to your new directory. For all other customizations, you must reapply those changes in the new settings files. It helps if you tag each of your customizations with a special comment that is easy for you to find. For example, you could add # MYCUSTOMIZATION above each setting or command you customize.

We are planning to introduce a settings migration tool in the future which will make applying your customizations to the new version settings files easier.


If you edit a settings file, and Utterly Voice displays an error about the file at startup, you probably entered invalid YAML. The easiest way to find the problem in your file, is to use an online YAML validation tool. These tools will show you exactly where the problem is. There are many tools that perform this. One recommended tool is YAML Lint.