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In order to browse the web efficiently, you need to install a browser extension that is capable of navigating by keyboard. Utterly Voice commands can issue the appropriate keyboard shortcuts to navigate using the browser extension.

The Vimium browser extension provides this capability. We have found this extension to be very reliable. The default commands for the Utterly Voice "chrome" mode use this browser extension. This page describes how to set it up.

Install Vimium

Install the Vimium browser extension using one of the following links:

Google Chrome
Brave browser
Microsoft Edge
or other Chrome-based browser
Chrome Web Store
Firefox Firefox Addon site

Configure Vimium

The default Utterly Voice settings use specific keyboard shortcuts to interact with Vimium. Update the Vimium options as described below.

1. Open Vimium options

To open the options, click the extension's icon to the right of the browser address bar, then click options.

2. Remove exclusions

The Excluded URLs and keys setting should be cleared of all patterns. Click the delete button next to each row in this section until all rows are removed.

3. Update key mappings

The Custom key mappings should be cleared and set to the following:

4. Update link characters

The Characters used for link hints in the Advanced Options should be cleared and set to the following:

5. Save changes

Once you have updated these options, click Save changes.

Once configured, the options should look like this:

screenshot of options