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Typing Letters

Sometimes you need to type individual letters. This might be because you need to spell out a word that isn't getting recognized well, or you need to type an abbreviation. This page describes the commands you use for this.


Use the "upper" command to type a sequence of letters that start with an uppercase letter. The first letter of each utterance argument is typed. The letters are typed in uppercase, but you can say "lower" or "upper" while providing utterance arguments to change the case. By default, the remainder of the utterance words are supplied as arguments, but you can say "stop" to complete the command and continue speaking without pause.

The "lower" command is similar to "upper", except the first letter is lowercase.

Here are some examples:

Utterance Result
"upper looks good to me" "LGTM"
"upper looks lower good to me" "Lgtm"
"lower athens bristol cuba" "abc"
"lower athens upper bristol cuba" "aBC"

Upper/Lower Alphabet

For the "upper" and "lower" commands, you can use any words that come to mind while typing the characters. It can help to use a consistent set of words that are recognized well when spoken in sequence. The following list of place names works well for these commands:

Letter Word
A Athens
B Bristol
C Cuba
D Dublin
E Egypt
F Fiji
G Georgia
H Harlem
I Iceland
J Java
K Kenya
L London
M Memphis
N Norway
O Oxford
P Peru
Q Quebec
R Russia
S Sweden
T Turkey
U Ukraine
V Venice
W Windsor
X Xenia
Y Yemen
Z Zambia