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Jargon and Homophones

You may need to type jargon for your job or special interests. Sometimes jargon words are regular words, but some jargon words are not, and they will not be recognized correctly. Utterly Voice can handle jargon, but you need to define jargon in your settings files.

Homophones (like-sounding words) are handled similarly to jargon. The advice on this page about using commands for jargon works equally well for homophones that you say often, but fail to recognize correctly in context.

Put Jargon in its Own Mode

It helps to put jargon in its own mode. This way, you can easily activate and deactivate the mode, and your personal modes are easy to merge with Utterly Voice version releases.

Commands That Sound Like the Jargon

You can create command names that sound like the jargon. For example, consider a fake product named "crinkl". You can create a command called "crinkle" that types "crinkl". If you need to use the normal word "crinkle", just say "escape crinkle".

Commands With a Special Prefix

You can create commands that start with a special prefix word for typing jargon. For example if you frequently type the word "byte", you can create a command called "alternate bite" that types "byte". There is nothing special about the word "alternate". You can use any word or words you like as a prefix to jargon commands.