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Interpreter States

Interpreter states affect the behavior of the interpreter. These states can be activated and deactivated at any time. This page describes these states.

Auto Spacing

The auto spacing state controls whether space characters are automatically inserted between words. This state is active by default. You can activate or deactivate this state by saying "auto spacing on" or "auto spacing off".

Deactivating this state is useful when you are writing code or entering alphanumeric sequences, where automatic spacing is sometimes undesirable.

Auto Scrolling

The auto scrolling state is used to automatically scroll. When activated, the mouse scrolls down a few ticks every few seconds. This is useful when skimming long content or social media. You can activate or deactivate this state by saying "start scrolling" or "stop scrolling".

In the settings, you can configure whether it scrolls up or down, the number of ticks, and the scroll period. You can also create multiple automatic scrolling commands, each configured with different values.


Some commands allow you to hold down modifier keys and mouse buttons. For example, you can say "hold shift" and "release shift" to hold and release the shift key. While the key is being held, the user interface shows the key currently being held. If your input suddenly starts behaving strangely, you have likely forgotten to release a key.

In rare circumstances where Utterly Voice is forced to terminate abruptly (for example, end process from the task manager) while it is holding a key or mouse button, it will remain held after the application closes. All of your computer's physical keyboard and mouse input will behave strangely. To remedy this, simply press and release the held modifier key or mouse button on your physical keyboard and mouse.