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Code and Alphanumerics

You can use Utterly Voice to type alphanumerics and to write code.

Useful Commands

The following table lists useful commands for code and alphanumerics. For a complete description of how these commands work, say "open help basic".

Command Mode Description
"auto spacing on" basic turns auto spacing on
"auto spacing off" basic turns auto spacing off
"number" basic types a number
"camel" basic types words in camelCase
"bumpy" basic types words in BumpyCase
"snake" basic types words in snake_case
"kebab" basic types words in kebab-case
"smash" basic types words in smashcase
"upper" basic types the first uppercase letter of each provided word
"lower" basic types the first lowercase letter of each provided word

Here are some example utterances using these commands:

Utterance Result
"camel variable name" "variableName"
"number thirty five point three" "35.3"
"bumpy class name" "ClassName"
"snake variable name" "variable_name"
"snake upper constant name" "CONSTANT_NAME"
"kebab file name" "file-name"
"kebab upper another file name" "ANOTHER-FILE-NAME"
"smash apples bananas" "applesbananas"
"smash upper apples bananas" "APPLESBANANAS"
"upper looks good to me" "LGTM"
"upper looks lower good to me" "Lgtm"
"lower athens bristol cuba" "abc"
"lower athens upper bristol cuba" "aBC"
"lower athens bristol cuba stop number one two three" "abc 123" (auto-spacing on), "abc123" (auto-spacing off)
"lower athens bristol cuba stop underscore number one two three" "abc_123" (with or without auto-spacing because underscore is not auto-spaced)
"file dot lower turkey xenia turkey" "file.txt" (with or without auto-spacing because dot is not auto-spaced)

Programming Language Specific Modes

For each programming language that you use, you should create a mode for that language. For all of the syntax that you use in a language, you should consider whether normal speech recognition, the commands above, or custom commands can be used. You can activate and deactivate these modes as needed.

The Utterly Voice default settings includes a "web code" mode that is used to edit HTML. This website was created using this mode. There is also a "go" mode that is used to edit Go code. This application was created using this mode. You can use these modes as examples for other languages.

Editor Mode

The Utterly Voice default settings includes "emacs editor" and "emacs shell" modes for the Emacs text editor. If you do not use this editor, you can use these mode files as an example to create your own editor-specific mode.