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This page provides important information about microphones and microphone settings. None of these steps are absolutely necessary, but they will improve the accuracy of speech recognition and the reliability of Utterly Voice.


The quality of your microphone is important to speech recognition. A microphone built-in to your computer may not provide the quality you need for accurate speech recognition. Be sure to invest in a good microphone. If you can, avoid microphones with built-in noise cancelling, as some recognizers actually perform better with natural background noise.

Windows Settings

Utterly Voice uses your default microphone as defined in your system settings. It does not have a setting to use alternate microphones, and it does not change any of your operating system microphone settings. You should learn how to set the default microphone. See instructions here.

You should learn how to adjust your Windows microphone input level. If this setting is too low or too high, the speech recognition may not be accurate. Set this value to 90 as a good starting point for testing. See instructions here.

Some Windows applications attempt to take exclusive control of the microphone. This may disrupt your use of Utterly Voice, and the other application may change your microphone input levels to suboptimal values. To avoid this situation, you should disable the "Exclusive Mode" settings for your default microphone. See instructions here.

Chrome Settings

Some audio/video conferencing applications that run in Chrome-based browsers may change your microphone input level to a suboptimal value. To prevent these applications from doing this:

  1. Enter the following in the Chrome address bar: chrome://flags/#enable-webrtc-allow-input-volume-adjustment
  2. Disable the setting called: "Allow WebRTC to adjust the input volume".
  3. Click the "Relaunch" button to save your settings and relaunch Chrome.