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Utterly Voice default settings provide many commands, and you should add more custom commands to the list. If all of these commands were always active, you would likely say these commands by accident while typing normal text. In addition, an "open file" command in one application might be different then the "open file" command in another application. Utterly Voice modes solves this problem.

Each mode is a collection of related commands. At any given time, one or more modes are active. While you are speaking, you can say any of the commands found within the currently active modes. Some modes are used for specific applications. For example, the "chrome" mode is used for Google Chrome. But, a mode can be used to group commands in any way you want. For example, the "web code" mode is used to edit HTML code.

Once you become proficient with Utterly Voice, you should create your own modes for applications you use often and any scenarios where commands would be helpful.

Activating and Deactivating Modes

You can activate any mode with the "activate mode" command. For example, you can say "activate mode chrome" to activate the "chrome" mode. You can also deactivate any mode with the "deactivate mode" command. For modes you use often, you can set the initiallyActive setting to true in the mode's settings file, and the mode will be automatically active when the application starts.

Exclusive Modes

Exclusive modes are used in a few scenarios where the available commands and typing ability should be very limited. An exclusive mode is typically only active for a short period of time. When an exclusive mode becomes active, all other modes are temporarily deactivated. Exclusive modes are not typically activated with the "activate mode" command, but with a dedicated command. For example, if you say "list windows", the "window selection" exclusive mode becomes active. This command types Alt-tab, which shows the list of currently open windows. While this list is shown, you don't want any other commands or normal typing to be processed. The only input necessary is to select a window. Once you select a window, the "window selection" mode gets deactivated, and the previously active modes are restored.

Most exclusive modes include a special command called "_default". You do not say this command, and you don't need to be aware of it unless you are editing an exclusive mode settings file. This command gets executed when what you say is not a match for any other command for the mode. For example, this command ignores most input while the "window selection" exclusive mode is active. This behavior helps to avoid accidental window selection.

Global Mode

The "global" mode is a special mode that is always active, unless an exclusive mode is active. This mode has a few commands that should always be relevant.