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The navigation links on the left provide three types of help documents:

  • Basics: Before attempting to use Utterly Voice, you should read through the basics documentation. It covers all of the fundamental concepts.
  • Tips: While learning to use Utterly Voice, read through the tips documentation to start gaining efficiency.
  • Advanced: Once you are ready to customize Utterly Voice for your unique needs, read the advanced documentation.

The help content shows many command examples. These examples use the default commands. If you have changed the names for any of these commands in your settings files, the examples will not work as expected.

If using a keyboard and mouse is difficult or causes you pain, please consider getting somebody to help you set up Utterly Voice. Once it is set up to suit your needs, you will no longer need assistance.

To ask questions about the application, you can join our Google Group and ask on the group. We also use this group to announce releases.