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Learning to use any voice dictation system can take time before you become proficient. You need to memorize and understand many commands that control your computer. This is why providing clear documentation is a high priority for the Utterly Voice team. This documentation starts by teaching you the basics, then presents more advanced concepts that will improve your skills. We recommend that you read these documents in order. The documents are organized into three types, as shown in the left navigation:

Get Started Read each of these documents and follow the steps to get up and running quickly.
Learn Read these documents to learn more about using Utterly Voice features and how to improve your efficiency.
Customize Once you are ready to customize Utterly Voice for your unique needs, read these documents.

If using a keyboard and mouse is difficult or causes you pain, please consider getting somebody to help you set up Utterly Voice. Once it is set up to suit your needs, you will no longer need assistance.

To ask questions about the application, you can join our Google Group and ask on the group. We also use this group to announce releases. If you are not receiving messages, be sure to check your spam folder.